Card Bored (ha, ha)

Just wanted to share some artwork that I have piling up around my home. These pieces are mostly all for sale, some award-winners and some I’m trying to get displayed at local cafés. Enjoy!



Trans in the Summertime

Secret’s out; I’m trans. More specifically, I’m genderqueer. I identify with an amalgamation of masculine and feminine traits, but the reason that I call myself transgender is because I lean towards a masculine physical identify although I have two X chromosomes and was designated female at birth (dfab).

Summer is a fucking tough time to be queer, as fun as it is to attend all the queer events and go to Pride and whatnot. I usually wear a very specific cut of straight-leg jeans to minimize my hip curves and I wear a chest binder to give my upper body a more masculine shape. Unfortunately, the summer is hot. And sticky. And awful. Wearing jeans all the time is not an option, and binders are tough to conceal under certain breezy shirts. But, luckily, there’s a few things that I (and other trans youth) can do to make summer a little less painful.

First of all; HUGE shout-out to the new binder I just purchased from gc2b. They released a nude collection that’s meant to match a variety of skin tones, and I’m a huge fan. Having a binder that matches my skin tone means I can wear white shirts without looking goofy! You can also swim in the binder, which is a huge plus for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in a bikini top. 23e3a180-f772-0133-8046-0e31b36aeb7f.jpg

When it comes to summer binding (and summer dressing in general for transmasc folk), here’s a few things I always like to keep in mind:

  • Drink water, please. It makes it so much easier for your body to deal with binding or heavier clothes.
  • When you get home and you’re done hanging out with people, take your binder off. It is necessary for your health to take breaks.
  • Board shorts will do wonders with narrowing your hips.
  • Slightly longer cut-off jean shorts are also a great way to avoid tight denim bullshit.
  • Wear short-sleeved button-ups; they’re breezy and it’s harder to tell you’re binding under them.

Good luck, everyone. I know it’s hard. Soon it will be winter again and we can all go back to wearing big coats and boots and scarves.

See you, space cowboys!


My Skincare Routine

I’m a lush fan – all of their products work really well on my skin, smell good, and I feel good when I put them on. So here are my daily’s – the ones that have weaseled their way into my daily routine.

– good morning! – 

When I get out of bed, I splash my face with cold water and use a tiny glob of Aqua Marina to clean my skin. This guy is a gentle wash and it smells rosy and has very appealing chunks of seaweed.

Sometimes (especially in the summertime when my mornings are lazy) I do a morning mask. Sometimes I do it at night instead, it really just depends on my level of busy. I always with use the lovely Catastrophe Cosmetic or the luscious Love Lettuce. I leave it on for about ten minutes while I lounge around it the sun and then I wash it gently off with cool water.

After an hour or so (on a morning where I have time to waste) I put on my favorite facial moisturizer, Imperialis. It’s silky, soft, a little goes a long way, and it smells like rose and orange blossom.

– good night! – 

At nighttime, I get all the grime off my face with Let the Good Times Roll, which smells like cookies and I have to physically stop myself from ingesting it. It’s a little rougher than my morning stuff and has some exfoliation going on.

Then I lather my body (usually just my chest and shoulders, occasionally arms) with good ol’ Charity Pot.

And there you have it; my skincare routine. That’s all for today. See you, space cowboys!

10 Things I Use Every Day

Introductions are weird, especially when no one will see it but me, and I already know (in the pos general sense) who I am. That’s what about pages are for, right? So, to save… just myself, I guess… from the pain of reading things I already know, I’m going to make a list of something unrelated to introductions. How about ten objects that I use every day! That’s fun and exciting and exactly the kind of thing people blog about.

  • Laptop/Cell Phone 

Not a surprise, is it? I listen to podcasts, swipe on Tinder, Snapchat pictures of my dog to anyone who will open them…

  • Moisturizer 

Yeah, I’m a skincare junkie. I always moisturize at the beginning of the day and before bed. Right now I use the Imperialis moisturizer from Lush.

  • A Book

I read at least one chapter of whatever book I’m reading every single day. Right now I’m reading The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon.

  • Pajama Pants

It’s summer, so the amount of time I spend in PJs is probably more than the amount of time I spend in regular clothes. I have these awesome pants that my dad never wore that I stole, they’ll fleece and super legit.

  • Water Bottle

Gotta stay hydrated, especially at work where it’s always 10 degrees hotter than it is outside. Right now I’m sportin’ a water bottle from the recent Seattle Rep production of Here Lies Love.

  • Pens

I’m in love with Gelly Roll pens and I literally use them for everything. I know they’re expensive. I shell it out for these smooth fuckers.

  • Cheese

I know, I know. I work right next to a really legit cheese store so I always am trying new cheeses, literally every day. Right now I have some Chèvre Gouda and a creamy stinky fella in my fridge right now. Cheese is a gift from the gods.

  • Orca Card

I don’t have a car (or a license… oops), so I have to rely on public transport to get around. It’s alright though; it’s pretty easy. Shout out to Seattle Metro.

  • Birkenstocks 

What do you expect, I’m a millennial. They may be “ugly,” but they’re super comfy and versatile and I don’t care if they’re too popular, I like them.

  • Glasses

I love my glasses. They’re a part of me, they allow me to see, they’re stylish, I plan my outfits around them, and I love them.

Thanks for reading about these favs of mine. That’s all for today. See you, space cowboys.